Business Exit Strategy

Business Exit Strategy

Whatever your business goals are, we can help. We specialise in helping businesses and owners reach the next stage in their journey and achieve their vision. Whether you are looking to grow rapidly, improve profitability, change your business model or some other goal.

Our team can help, led by Dr Simon Brayshaw who has a doctorate in strategy as well as having personally owned and successfully run many businesses ranging from a few million in turnover to over £100m.

Business Exit Strategy

Strategy advisory and “Fit to Sell” process

At Dexterity Partners one of the unique products we offer is our strategy advisory service. This is designed to work in partnership with owner managers either to create value in preparation for a future sale of an owner’s business or to help achieve wider strategic goals.

This is split into two main segments: our “Fit to Sell” strategic advice process & our more general strategy advisory service, both of which can be over varying lengths of time ranging from 3 to 24 months.

What we see in so many businesses we work with is they have the ability and business qualities to step up to the next level but just need a little bit of guidance and help to achieve it. This is often due to the time constraints of many owners which results in them working in the business rather than on the business.

Strategy advisory and “Fit to Sell” process

Potential Problems and scenarios - how Dexterity Partners can provide a solution to help a business

So many business owners simply do not have the time they would like to put into developing their long-term strategy and much less to execute on it.
We work with you to help develop a long-term strategy and how to execute on it.

They have many of the tools needed but are missing just a few that they need to make that next leap.
We help identify what tools are missing and help bring in those skill sets to give you all the tools and skills necessary to succeed.

They have the ideas but do not know how to go about executing them.
We can work with you to help develop the strategy around that idea and the specific plan and tactics needed to execute on it successfully.

Sometimes it is a step into the dark and the unknown for them and having someone to help guide them through that and help them avoid the pitfalls is key for them.
Our team has been in those situations and knows how to navigate that step into the unknown. We can help guide you and use our experience and knowledge to demystify those next steps, so it is not a step in the dark but a carefully planned step in the light.

They have business issues that they are not sure how to fix.
We can work with you to help identify the root cause of your issues and help put you on the path to solving them and improving the future of your business.

 Potential Problems and scenarios - how Dexterity Partners can provide a solution to help a business

“Fit to Sell''

This is at the heart of every business value creation assignment we get involved in. It takes it to the next level. Working over a much longer period allows even greater improvements to be made that can have much more impact on the valuation of the business.

This process aims to put your business in the best possible position in anticipation of a future sale of the business.

Both of these services share a lot of similarities, but the main difference is that the “Fit to Sell” process is focused on optimising for a future sale of the business, of varying lengths of time in the short to medium term. Whereas the strategy advisory focuses on a wider goal of improving your business with a future sale only one of several options to consider as part of your future vision for the business.

“Fit to Sell''

The Exit Strategy Process

During both of these processes we work with you for an extended period of time, usually many months to over a year to help you transform your business.

This is achieved both via a series of 1-2-1 workshops with you as well as more general constant communication and actions.

We want to help you in taking the business to the next stage in its journey. Maybe you want to just grow your business or increase profitability because why not? Or perhaps you have a particular issue you are facing or a long-term problem to be resolved? Or maybe you have a set goal in mind, such as you want to put the business on a strong path for a potential sale.

Regardless of the exact reason they all have the same overall goal – to make your business even better and we want to help . These improvements will come from collaborating with you in a series of our bespoke workshops. They will focus on understanding your current market, your position in it and how you operate and service these markets.

This will allow us to identify your business model and the core skills and competences that make you different and better than your competition. Equally it will examine what the market and customers want now and, in the future, and how your competitors address these demands.

Once the market environment is understood then we will work with to build up your core competences and ensure your sales and marketing plan is optimised to deliver profitable growth and achieve your goals.

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