Buying a business

We work closely with acquirers to help match them with opportunities that suit their needs and requirements. Our opportunities range across many sectors and size of business.

We stay in contact and keep you aware of the latest opportunities as soon as they arise and work closely with you should you choose to proceed. In addition we can also work with you to help determine your acquisition strategy and help advise on what would suit you and your business best.

Dexterity Partners can help guide you through the process whether you are experienced or acquiring a business for the first time.

The Process Of Buying a Business

  • Contact us to discuss the types of businesses you are interested in.

  • We will then follow up with opportunities that match your criteria.

  • From there you can look at these opportunities and decide if any are of interest to you.

  • We can then proceed with any offers and present them to the sellers.

  • Hopefully then we can come to an agreement with yourselves and the sellers.

  • From there we can help advise you through the process from due diligence to the final SPA.

  • Finally we can also assist and advise in the post completion process, how to integrate the new business into your existing one and how to make sure you realise the full benefits of the acquisition.

The Process Of Buying a Business

Acquisition Advisory Services

Identification of potential acquisition opportunities

We can help you find potential acquisition targets both through our network of businesses looking to sell as well as the wider market. finding business that would fit your target profile and fitr with your business. We do through our software solution that allows us to profile and target business in great detail using information that is not widely available publicly.

Analysis of acquisition opportunities

We can provide advice and technical analysis of any acquisition, from the financials of the business to the operational and synergy benefits that an acquisition could deliver.

Negotiation with potential targets

As part of our services we can negotiate with potential targets to understand what they are looking for, the position they are in and what their motivating factors are. We can assist you in doing this or take the lead in this depending on what suits you as we understand that often this process can be time consuming and it takes you away from running your business day to day.

Valuation support

The valuation of any business is often the most important factor in a deal but also can be the most difficult. At Dexterity Partners we have a great deal of experience on both sides of this valuation process and as such are uniquely positioned to both help you determine what the valuation should be and what the drivers are as well as understanding what the seller’s perspective is and what they are looking for.

​Preparation of offer letters and Heads of Terms

Whether advising on a sale or a purchase at Dexterity Partners we always look to agree to a comprehensive and detailed Heads of Terms before engaging in any due diligence. This is to ensure both parties are on the same page and agree to both the deal in principle but also in the smaller details and conditions, which in most cases are key to the success of the deal. One of the most common factors for deals failing last minute is when the Heads of Terms are too ‘loose’ and the two parties actually do not agree but have different interpretations of certain aspects of the deal. This may seem like something that shouldn’t happen, but it does when the Heads of Terms are not sufficiently detailed and precise.

Legal advice and support

The funds to complete a deal can often be an important issue to resolve in any transaction and we can advise and assist in this aspect to ensure you can complete any deal with a funding option that works best for you.

Financing advice

The funds to complete a deal can often be an important issue to resolve in any transaction and we can advise and assist in this aspect to ensure you can complete any deal with a funding option that works best for you.

Acquisition Advisory Services

Why Dexterity Partners..?

1. At Dexterity Partners we have bought businesses ourselves and so understand the buyers perspective.

2. We make sure we understand what you are looking for and that the opportunities we present match, we won’t just put any random opportunity in front of you.

3. Join as a registered buyer at absolutely no cost to you.

Why Dexterity Partners..?

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